6 Lessons in 60 Minutes Integrating Cyber Security

Breakout Session 3Meet the Speaker: K. Little In this workshop, participants will learn ways to increase students’ awareness and cultivate aninterest in the field of Cyber Security. The session consists of Cyber Security lessons integratedacross various subjects. Teachers will be introduced to software that aids them in teachingCyber Security and stimulating the interest of their …


Empowering Educators: Hands-on AI Prompt Engineering for Equitable Learning

Breakout Session 2Meet the Speaker: E. Davis, R. Ciphrah Unlock the potential of AI in education with this 50-minute session on prompt engineering.Designed for educators committed to equitable education, this session equips participants withthe skills to effectively use AI tools like ChatGPT, Bard, Perplexity, and Claude. Participants willlearn the architecture of effective prompts and engage …

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Welcome to 2024 SCABSE Conference - The South Carolina Alliance of Black School Educators

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